Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to apply?

There are no costs for applying, although there will be costs if proceeding. However some products do come with a commitment fee upon approval

What do I need to apply for a small business loan?

You’ll need directors ID verification, ABN/ACN and business bank accounts. Subject to different products. Please contact us online or offline to find out more.

Can I get a loan to buy equipment?

Yes you can subject to assessment criteria.

Do I need to mortgage my property to get a loan?

Depending on the type of loans your business is eligible for. We have unsecured business loan products.

How long does it take to get approval?

Subject to the types of loans, it can range from 24hr to weeks. Please contact us directly to find out more.

How do I apply for a business loan?

You can apply online in 10 minutes. or You can email us at or call us on 1300 001 118.

What are the minimum requirements to apply?

Subject to different products/ All Australian registered businesses are eligible for a business loan. The loan must be used for business purposes, we have access to wide variety of business loans that come with different requirements.

What if I have bad credit?

Checking your credit history is just one part of our loan assessment. If the reasons are valid we do have solutions to suit your needs.

What types of businesses does lend to?

Our customers tend to be from various business and industries. We have wide range of lenders who suit different niche market and requirements.

What are the fees?

We believe in full transparency. All fees are to be disclosed at loan contract.

How is interest charged?

There are multiple options such as prepaid interest, capitalised interest, interest only repayment and principal and interest repayment, subject to different products feature.

What is your rate?

It depends on what products your business is eligible for.

Is your rate variable or fix?

It depends on what products your business is eligible for. We have both options

What’s my weekly repayment?

Your repayment schedule will be customised to your loan. All repayments will be set out in black and while from the beginning, before you sign off on the funds. No hidden charges and no additional fees.

What is the term or duration of the small business loan?

We have products ranging from three months to fifteen years. Depending on the purpose of your business needing the fund.

How do I pay the small business loan back?

Repayments can be direct debited from your nominated business transaction account. Or at times it can be prepaid at settlement, depending on the products.

Is there a penalty for repaying the loan early?

Some lenders do, which is exactly the reason why your business needs an expert to help you navigate the maze of products available in the market.

Is the business loan unsecured?

We have the options of unsecured and secured business loans, however we need to help you determine the purpose of funding.

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