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We know at different times certain factors are critical to your business success. We help businesses save money and time avoiding wrong loan products.

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We have access to wide selection of products to suit different needs. We are the hub of your financing needs, helping you to access more than just one lender at one time for multiple needs.

We are the expert in this field.

We understand the market, we are highly experienced and only deal with trusted funders and lenders. We navigate the market and filter out overpromised parties.

Success Stories

$435, 000 cash out in 3 days

Scenario: One of our clients recently bought a restaurant. They need cash for a quick store renovation and also upgrade some equipment. However, their restaurant is newly bought.

Solution: The company lent client 435K in 3 days, secured via 2nd mortgage over client’s existing investment property. Exit strategy: Refinance.

$2.5 million secured via first & second mortgage

Scenario: A client recently approached us seeking urgent funding ($2.5 million) for the completion of their development site.

Solution: We lent the full amount secured via a first mortgage & second mortgage over the client’s existing properties. Exit strategy: Client has another project which is settling in 6 month. Client will pay off the loan as soon as he receive the revenue from the project.

$500K refinance within 48 hours.

Scenario: Due to the expiration of their mortgagee term, one of our clients recently needed $500K to refinance their existing private loan.

Solution: We lent the full amount secured via fist mortgage over the client’s existing property and settled the loan within 48 hours. Exit strategy: Refinance.


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